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Redefining the CX of “The Global Language of Business”

GS1 provides tools for customers to build unique identifiers to drive business processes. In short, this means creating and organizing barcodes and other identifiers for everything from point of sale to inventory and asset management. A large portion of GS1 customers are “entry-level” business users who found it difficult to navigate and use the tools provided to create important assets for their businesses. We worked with a large team at GS1 to redesign this suite of tools from the ground up, and provided a system from which new development could be built efficiently around a consistent user interface.

Image showing a screenshot of the GS1 ecommerce platform

Understanding the Experience

Working with the customer support and business teams at GS1, we first looked at current site statistics and spoke directly with customers to identify usage patterns and determine the exact areas for improvement. Working within GS1’s agile environment, we then focused each sprint on producing a set of prototypes for the features identified as needing redesign.

Image of some of the assets of the design process with GS1. User Research, Journey Map, Persona.

Building a Solid Foundation

Because there were many development teams involved in building out various features, a large part of our effort was centered on creating a design system and style guide for all teams to reference. This maintained consistency and ensured quality front-end development across all features while allowing the design team to quickly put together high fidelity prototypes for review. We worked with the front end teams to build this style guide and living design system (with reusable code) to be shared among all GS1 sprint teams.

Image showing the GS1 style guide and buildkit

Unique Challenges

Our work with GS1 coincided with a company-wide effort to enact a new project management process called SAFe. SAFe is a workflow tailored to providing guidance to larger businesses in implementing agile practices. Along with our user experience design work with GS1, our role included helping their team define how design as a practice could fit into this new system. We achieved our goal of making sure our designers were able to work across multiple scrum teams to provide guidance and design when necessary. Our design system also helped in providing design and front-end code elements to teams whose needs did not necessitate a full design process.

Image showing the GS1 interface for creating a new product


Our work with GS1 helped their product and development teams understand their customers better and focus on the user experience when defining and building new features for Data Hub. We helped GS1 refresh their Data Hub platform – and streamlined onboarding – by providing mockups built on our newly defined design system. In addition, the GS1 team has taken advantage of the design system to redesign their ecommerce services and to make incremental changes to their web site. We are happy to have provided this basis for them to create a more consistent user experience across platforms and products, and to have influenced their consideration of the user experience when it comes to new offerings.

Image showing the second step of the GS1 process for creating a new product

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